Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taxes are Theft

Taxes are theft, and this is why.
  1. If an armed robber robs you it is theft.
  2. If an armed robber robs you, and there is no court to sue them and no police to protect you, it is still theft.
  3. If a group of armed robbers rob you, it is theft.
  4. If a group of armed robbers rob you, and then give you something back it is theft.
    1. eg. They steal your car and then give you a bike.
  5. If a group of armed robbers rob you, and then tell you if you don't want to be robbed then you should move, it is theft.
  6. If a group of armed robbers lets you vote with them on if they will rob you or not, but their majority overrules you and they rob you anyways, it is theft.
  7. If a group of armed robbers calling themselves, "the government" robs you, it is theft.
  8. All of these points combined describe taxes, and all are shown to be theft, therefore taxes are theft.
I've been told that because I believe that taxes are theft, I'm acting as a hypocrite for using the roads that the looted money paid for. I'm a hypocrite for not giving up security of police, security of military, fire service, 911 services. Here's my answer to you. I don't want your roads, I have a jeep. I don't want your police security, I have guns and I'm willing to pay a private police force for security. I don't want your military; I will pay for a private militia. I don't want your fire or 911 services; I will pay for private enterprises. Until the government stops robbing me and providing these services in return, I'm going to continue using them, but it doesn't change the fact that I think it's stealing.

I've been told that I have no sense of community, altruism, or empathy. It's not altruistic or empathetic to give away others' money, even if you don't mind giving your own money away. If I wasn't being robbed for the sake of welfare at the point of a gun, I would give my money voluntarily for merit-able causes.

Obama-care is simply stealing from your neighbor to pay for your health expenses. Whether it is for erection medicine or a triple bypass that you "need" it is still theft. If you want to run society based around people's needs, you get socialism. Choose your system, capitalism or socialism. Capitalism rewards ability with wealth. Socialism's repeated failure in history speaks for itself.

Should we abolish all taxes, or do some of societies "needs" justify theft? Could we have a government without taxes where funds come voluntarily instead of by force? I don't have the answers to these questions. The point is when you think about how great it would be if the government did something, ask yourself, "Is this worth robbing somebody to pay for?" I suspect you will find yourself saying "no" to these programs more often.

Here is a possible counter argument written by my friend Luke.

Here is a Christian perspective on taxes

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